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"You've been lied to  

there is no such thing as a work-life balance."

~ David McNeff, keynote speaker & thought leader

In a parable-like fashion of drawing from the overcoming of his own challenges, thought leader Dave McNeff takes on one of the most enduring myths of our age: the elusive Work-Life Balance. In his new book, The Work-Life Balance Myth, the sought after keynote speaker tells the story of going down into life's great abyss and bringing something back for us all to live a more productive, harmonious, and ultimately better life. A profiling expert McNeff delivers an acute take on what keeps us stuck chasing this mythical beast through the forest only to end up burned out, disengaged, and moving steadily away from our dreams and goals. Take the journey that companies are taking all over with the book and accompanying workshops. Allow your employees and executives to have the tools to engage more fully in their roles than ever before. Let them incorporate the simple and timeless truths of Dave's hard-fought wisdom into their everyday work-life.

Founder Dave McNeff's new book on the Work Life Baance Myth!

Coming Soon!

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