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Behavior Consulting

Three focuses in the business development area of consulting:

  1. Consulting that is training only. We come in and train the VPs and sales people on how-to develop accounts, make sales presentations and prospect. This consulting is done on-site and can be delivered in component parts or as an entire program, lasting several months.

  2. Consulting where we come in and build out the sales strategy for an organization and then execute on the delivery within the organization. We work closely with the CEO and or the SVP of Sales and focus on top line revenue improvement.

  3. Consulting where we actually come in and take over the sales program for an organization. This involves sales delivery for the organization with the primary focus of delivering revenue in a very short period of time. Ideal for companies that are stuck or floundering in the sales area of the business.

    Each of the above can be delivered in both short or long term engagements depending on the scope of the problem and the timeline required to show results.


This assessment addresses the team culture and its impact on the culture of the entire company. This tool is helpful for setting or re-setting expectations in a company or firm. This is generally very impactful for the CEO when change management is required in order for the company to grow. The insight with this assessment is in providing the track to run on when attempting to change direction or strategy in a company. Over time, we have discovered that this tool saves time, avoids personal conflicts and helps the executives to anticipate the tension points in the change process. It provides a similar profile as the individual assessment except that this addresses the group and/or groups in one organization. We review team motives and intent, goals, identity, and strategies.


In addition we will measure the impact of the team's history together (it matters), the shared definition of excellence/success, and self-perceptions. We will also look at: The Leader’s Behavior; The Control Factor; The Size Factor; The Future Factor; The Greed Factor; The Competency Factor; The Hidden Agenda Factor; The Work Ethic Factor​. All of these above referenced factors and issues, impact the behavior and therefore, the performance of every corporate team. Having a clear view into it is the first step to making the needed changes in order to move up from being a good team to becoming a great performing team.

Company Cultural

This coaching is designed for each individual given their specific behavioral profile. This profile is the basis of the program. In addition, a complete training in how to read behavior is the most profound element of the coaching. Each coaching assignment has an end-game strategy with a target point so as not to drift or waste time. This program has worked very well with CEOs, due to the fact that the individual tasks and responsibilities are dealt with during this coaching. In addition, at the core of the coaching is the focus on how to improve communication, leadership and management within the working organization of his/her company. 

Case Study: Consider the CEO of a software company who was established by the board to be the company leader after the founder was unceremoniously relieved of his duties. This CEO was a talented executive in operations but had never run anything before. Further, the management team was adrift and lacking in belief and energy. Battle fatigue had set in. This coaching assignment began with a crash course on the how-tos of identifying behavior profiles on the team with a very intense study of how to motivate, lead and then manage each one to their best effort. In short, we had to set everyone up to succeed and stop the ones who were set up to fail. The result became a team that was repositioned to better match their talents and skills and a CEO who learned how to manage the time each day in order to influence each key executive to perform and direct the company in the directional change the new CEO sold as the vision moving forward.

Individual Executive Coaching

Behavioral Profile: A benchmarking of the executive team that provides the data to build a management tool for developing skills and characteristics that fit the culture and future of the company’s growth strategy.

Communication Profile: this assessment provides the varying communication styles that each individual uses and what is effective and how the team communicates as a whole community.

Leadership Profile: this assessment provides the profile of the desired leadership style as it compares to the current leadership in its current status.  This will provide a management talent development tool that builds the process for rapid change towards the intended goal.

The result is a written document with the assessments along with a targeted talent development plan based on the findings from the assessments.  Each executive will receive an individual assessment and there will also be a consolidated team assessment.

Team + Individual

Trial Themes and Strategy

  • Theme Development

  • Venue Studies

  • Demonstrative Evidence

  • Opening Statements and Closing Arguments


Expert Services


Mock Trial Selection Process


Jury Selection, Voir Dire and Trial Monitoring

  •             Community Surveys

  •             Voir Dire

  •             Jury Questionnaires

  •             Jury Selection

  •             Shadow Juries



Witness Preparation


Post Trial Interviews

Programs in Trial Skills

Jury Trial

The sales training program is a combination of the tried and true sales training along with the behavioral study of why people buy. This study reviews the four different kinds of buyers and how to design the approach, agenda, account development and closing process that assures a reasonable level of success. Most successful sales people gain tremendous insight into the process of ?reading? and assessing the person that is the decision maker. The behavioral study allows the sales person to learn how to accommodate the change in his/her behavior in order to improve the closing ratios by thirty percent immediately. This sales training has a history of increasing sales results by thirty percent over ninety days when the entire team participates in the program.


The participants will take away:

-  The 4 Sales Engagement Models that includes the track & language of each one.
-  The Behavioral Profile tool that will allow them to “read” the buyer’s profile
-  The Sale Approach language and behavioral messaging system
-  The Non-Verbal Sales Language for each Sales Model
-  The Closing Process: the four different styles and methods
-  The Seven-Step Prospecting Process
-  The Phone-Sale: the entire sales process from Approach to Closing


Team Dynamic Training

This team/group training is designed and customized to address each team’s unique issues. However, the focus on communication, leadership and management is the basis from the starting point. This training is completed in a group setting and is an engaging process that builds trust, inter-dependency and awareness. We have found that this kind of development training is extremely valuable for the people in that there is not an opportunity for this kind of training in most companies. It combines the behavioral science of why groups form and what makes them successful along with the behavioral team building principles that train groups to bind together while allowing for independent movement. the How-to’s of Stepping-Up in each executives department or division.


We work with executives on the advisory level and in an adjunct executive capacity to help optimize organizational initiatives, goals, and strategies.

Executive Advisory Work

We will create and tailor our behavioral consulting and/or workshop to your specifications and needs. Please contact us for further details and to discuss your scenarios.

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